CareMed Travel Insurance Assistance


Find a provider

When you are in the US,

you are able to use any medical provider/facility of your choice. CareMed does however strongly recommend the following services provided by the First Health Network. Please click on the button below in order to locate the nearest facility to you. Kindly note that when calling or visiting a physician or medical facility on this list, please make sure to mention that you are "insured through CareMed Insurance, which is part of the First Health Network".

When arriving at the appointment make sure to point out the First Health Network logo on your card/confirmation. If additional information is required, the physician's office or the insured can call our claims department for coverage details: 1-203-399-5130. After business hours kindly call CareMed Assist, our 24-hour emergency assistance.

If you are travelling outside of the US,

you have a free choice of physician/medical facility. If you need assistance locating a physician/medical facility in your area, you may contact our 24-hour assistance service, CareMed Assist.