CareMed Travel Insurance Assistance


How to submit a claim

We offer our insureds the option to go to any physician.

In the USA, CareMed is associated to a provider Network (First Health Network) which recommends medical providers to the insured. Referral to the First Health Network can be obtained by calling CareMed Assist or under Find a Provider.

There are two claim centers that process claims for CareMed International Travel Insurance. The claim center that services you depends on the country you travel to.

Claim center 1 Claim center 2
If your travel destination is:
North & South America
If your travel destination is:
Any other country except North & South America

CareMed Claims

CISI Claim Department
1 High Ridge Park
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: +1-203-399 5130
Phone: +1-866-404 2062 (toll-free, press # 1)
Fax: +1-203-399 5596

CareMed Claims

ACE European Group Limited
Direktion für Deutschland
Lurgiallee 12
60439 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 (0)69-756 13 6722
Fax: +49 (0)69-756 13 4350
  1. Within 60 days after incurring the first medical bill, e-mail, mail or fax the following to the appropriate claims center (you may send all documents by e-mail upfront, our claims staff will request original documents if needed):
    • claim form completed by the insured.
    • all itemized bills, receipts and records, related to a particular claim (please keep in mind to make copies for your own records).
    • medical reports from the physician including prescriptions, laboratory and x-ray documents, etc. and send to the appropriate claim center above.

    The insurer reserves the right to refuse payment if the reason and the necessity for the treatment can no longer be established as a result of the claim being filed late or incomplete.

  2. Call the CareMed Assist 24-hour number prior to being admitted to a hospital or before surgery (if possible).
  3. Present the CareMed ID-card/confirmation to every medical service provider prior to receiving treatment.
  4. The physician or other medical service provider may contact CareMed Assist, our 24-hour service to obtain verification of benefits.
  5. Please complete the claim form for each claim event. You may obtain additional claim forms online.
  6. There may be instances where the insured will be asked to provide payment to the physician/medical facility prior to receiving medical care. If this situation occurs, we recommend the following steps:
    • Contact CareMed Assist and explain the situation. CareMed Assist will be able to confirm to the physician/medical facility the benefits, terms and conditions of the insurance and that you are eligible.
    • If applicable, CareMed Assist can provide the physician/medical facility with a letter guarantee.
    • If the physician/medical facility still requires the insured to pay in advance, all you need to do is complete a CareMed claim form and submit it to the appropriate claim center.

If you have questions about an existing claim please contact the claim center as indicated above.